5+ Back-To-School Fashion Trends for Your Kids

Now that you’ve got the backpack squared away, it’s time to move on to the back-to-school wardrobe.

While getting good grades is the ultimate goal, any kid will tell you that sustaining a certain level of sartorial cool throughout the year is also of great importance. And to help your kids in that subject, you’ll need to be well-versed in tween trends.

First things first: jeans are always in vogue and always high on the must-have list, which makes sense since denim goes with just about everything. This year it’s all about colored jeans. Red, blue, purple and green are just a few of the fabulous hues you should snag for your little smartypants.

It’s just one of eight fashion trends your kid will be begging for this fall — and will guarantee them an A+ for style:

  • Colored Jeans

    Rest assured that classic jeans will never go out of style, but colored denim allows your kid to wear them in a new way.


  • 2 Graphic Tees

    Graphic T-shirts are always a hot back-to-school trends, but this year it’s all about positive messaging.


  • 3 Statement Jacket

    A head-turning jacket is the best way to step into the classroom with style and head home with pizzaz.

  • 4 Fall Florals

    Flower motifs aren’t just for the spring and summer. Floral prints get an edgy makeover when added to tough accessories like a pair of classic Dr. Martens.

  • 5 AthleisureShare on Pinterest

    Adults aren’t the only ones that are into elevated activewear — our pint-sized counterparts are also getting into the game.


  • 6 Bold Leggings

    Don’t just stock up on solids this season. A bold pair of printed or embellished leggings are just as versatile and a lot more stylish.


  • 7 Faux Fur

    This is a great way to add a bit of furry fun to an ensemble and stay warm while doing it. A little goes a long way, like the collar on this funky denim vest.


  • 8 Plaid

    There are tons of terrific tartans being used in pint-sized fashion. And thanks to eye-catching graphic details, they look more grunge than granny.


  • 9 Funky SocksHappy Socks

    Socks aren’t usually a key element in pulling together an awesome ensemble — but that’s easily changed with the right pair. Your kids will have a blast playing around with their look with a bold pair of socks.